Two-Way ABS Sensors. ABS Module Coding

I plan to do several retrofits where new sensors WHT 003 864 B are required, so I bought them some time ago. The only difference is that they send ± values depending on the direction, not just a number. Installation is fairly easy if you have a pit garage or access to a car lift. You don’t even need to remove the wheels to replace the sensor – everything was done under 15 minutes. Sensors are sealed with copper high-temperature grease, such as this one – I added it to the new ones too.


Tons of errors appear after the change – you need to inform the ABS module about new sensors. VCDS doesn’t have labels for ABS, so I had to collect scattered information about the coding from a bunch of places. Spreadsheet with a most detailed description of all bytes and bits from forum. (I also made a copy).

The type of installed sensors is coded in the 26th byte, two bits per wheel:

00000000 – basic sensors
01010000 – 4 and 6 bits – two-way sensors in Multi-Link suspension
11110000 – pairs of 4+5 and 6+7 bits – two-way sensors in Torsion Bar

This retrofit is a prerequisite for ACC and PLA assistants.

Stay tuned…

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