S Line Package DSG Selector

I keep buying random stuff from AliExpress and Allegro. It’s already a year since I installed the TT steering wheel with Nappa leather and perforation, and I wanted a similar DSG handle. Asian part number of it is 8VD 713 139 IBR, and I didn’t find a direct match in European ETKA. All the Audi A3 numbers start from 8V1 713 139 .., TTs – 8S1 713 139 ...

Micro-texture on the leather is the same as used on the steering wheel
The leather itself is softer and thinner

Installation is very simple. You need to pull out the sleeve by prying it on the sides with a plastic card; turn the ring behind the sleeve to unblock it; lift the old handle up. Remove the red locker from the new handle; wear it on the pin to the notch level, close the ring; press the button for the first time until it clicks.

🛑 **WARNING!** DO NOT press the button unless you put it to the pin. There is no spring under it, and it's extremely difficult to pull it back. You will probably scratch it heavily. The official manual of ELSA generally considers a shifter with the pressed button broken permanently.

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