Illuminated RS3 Door Handles, Central Lock Buttons

The series of 4 posts about interior upgrades starts here.

Initially, I wanted to upgrade my handles to similar illuminated versions, but the price of the RS3 handles differs by only ~20%, and I decided to go that way. They are going to be a perfect match with the TT steering wheel.

Regular handles have separate part numbers for the front and rear doors because of the button placeholders. Rears do not have them, they are whole-casted things. But RS3 handles share the same design for both seat rows and require caps for empty holes. Caps were matching the cost of buttons, so the decision was easy.



8V3 837 019 H4PK – left side, 2pcs
8V3 837 020 H4PK – right side, 2pcs

I bought a kit of wires and lights on AliExpress. It was much cheaper than buying them number by number:

Light fiber optics:

8V0 919 177 A – left side, 2pcs
8V0 919 178 A – right side, 2pcs

4E0 919 063 – LED lights, 4 pcs

Buttons are different for each row – rear passengers should be able to lock the doors only, but not to open them (by design):

8V2 962 108 NV6 – front right, 2-buttons unit
8V0 962 107 – rear left, 1-button unit
8V0 962 108 – rear right, 1-button unit

OR caps, if you still want to use them:

8V3 867 443 6PS – left side
8V3 867 444 6PS – right side

Buttons use 8K0 973 754 A plugs, which are the most popular connector in the whole interior. You can also buy mirrored versions 8K0 973 754 (without А) on AE (only $4 for 5 pcs), and use a knife to cut the difference. (Take into consideration that pins numbering is reversed between 754 and 754A: 1 ⇆ 4)


Buttons connect to the 4th, 5th (mass), 13th, 28th pins of the T32 connector in the front door module; and the 2nd, 10th, 11th, 13th (mass) pins of the T16 connector in the rear doors.

Handle lights go to the 3rd, 5th (mass) pins in the front doors; and the 1st, 13th – in the rears.

The process of removing the door panels is shown in detail in this video (not me, but a random guy):

UPDATE: I had coding issues at the moment of this retrofit. Everything was fixed a year ago in this article.

To be continued…

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