Entry Area Lights

I bought the cheapest kit on AliExpress and then upgraded it to LED lamps.

There are two types of connectors available in those kits: the bigger one is used with old-school bulb lights (4B0 947 415 A – βšͺ white, 6Y0 947 411 – πŸ”΄ red), and the smaller connector is for LED lights (8J0 947 409). Audi uses bulbs for door warning lights and LEDs for the entry zone, but most third-party kits from Ali don’t differentiate them. Take this into consideration if you want to install projection LEDs in the future. There is a special kit of adapters available for such cases.

I didn’t make a photos in the process of retrofitting, sorry about that.


You also need to tick one bit in every door module (42, 52, BB, BC) to make them work:

Byte 5 Bit 2 – Door Exit / Warning Light installed

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