Cruise Control System

It is my first retrofit for the new car. I’ve bought an original kit, including Stalk + Trim + Activation Code, for €220.

Part numbers are:

8V0 054 690 D – stalk with CC lever and rear wiper controls (A3 Sportback).
8V0 953 512 C – lower trim for cars with the Keyless entry system.
8V0 953 512 A – lower trim for cars with a basic key.

Cruise Control is one of two options (the second is Drive Select) which requires online activation and SWaP code injection into the Gateway module. It could be done only in official service with ODIS software. It took 3 hours for my local dealer to do the task.

For the first weeks, it was a lot of fun to control the speed of the car with lever, not using pedals at all. It feels like a video game.

Stay tuned…

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