Floor Mats, Pedal Caps

My first accessories for the new Audi A3 car became pedal caps (Chinese) and rubber floor mats.

Two types of mats exist based on the availability of the clips on your floor. I accidentally bought a set of 4 with the clip-based fronts with white A3 logos but no-clip versions of the back ones. So I had to put them on top of the clipped textile rugs.

Partnumbers for them all:

8V1 061 501 – front mats with black A3 logos
8V5 061 502 – front mats with white A3 logos
8V1 061 221 B – front mats with red S3 logos

8V0 061 511 – rear mats without clips, Sportback body
8V0 061 511 A – rear mats with clips, Sportback body

8V0 061 512 – rear mats without clips, Sedan body
8V5 061 512 – rear mats with clips, Sedan body

Genuine interior mats have decent quality, firm borders, and thick rubber but the trunk liner is very different. It is thin and made of hard plastic.

8V4 061 180 – luggage compartment liner, Sportback body
8V5 061 180 – luggage compartment liner, Sedan body

I recommend you to find the higher liner (8V4 061 170) with 28cm borders, which exists only for the Sportback.

Stainless Steel Pedal Caps

After visiting several Audi service stations I was a bit scared and disappointed of their price and decided to get replicas from Aliexpress. Moreover, genuine caps are the same parts sold with 2X price gap depending on whether you visit Audi or Skoda dealerships.

Installation is pretty simple:

Brake pedal – is the easiest one. Just remove the plastic cap and snap a new one instead.

Acceleration – should be put over the original pedal. Rubber is very firm, you need to squeeze it heavily.

Left footrest – first step is to pry off the side plastic and pull it out from the pad. There is no need to disassemble the interior, plastic bends easily. The old footrest should be pulled to the right and towards you until the side hooks exit holes.

Steel cap is slightly smaller and docks on the floor with the mat.

Installation takes ~15 mins.

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