S Line Exterior Package

It took me about a year to collect all the parts, paint and install them. As you may noticed, I have already shown a lot in my previous posts – now it’s time to talk about the plastic and part numbers. There were many inconsistencies and surprises.

🟥 S Line Exterior Package for the Sportback body consists of four large pieces: the front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and “ducktail” roof spoiler. I bought half of the details as new, others – as used parts from Allegro in a perfect condition.

The package has the global option code 2JD, but the spoiler is not included in it ― I guess because of the A3 e-tron, which always has a flat one (A-version) no matter other exterior parts (lowering air resistance?).

Spoiler (option code 5J2) became (unexpectedly) the easiest part to find, I started the whole journey from it. Part numbers are:

8V4 827 933 C ― “ducktail”
8V4 898 661 A ― side triangles, they are different between A and S versions. One part number is for the pair.
8V0 945 097 B ― brake signal, the same for all versions

Rear Bumper

I found it together with the 3-sections diffuser designed for the cars with a trailer hitch. All the details were in the previous post. Audi does not suppose the owner or service to retrofit park sensors and does not sell sensor brackets one by one. Instead, they have three different part numbers for the bumper:

8V4 807 067 C ― rear S-bumper, no sensors
8V4 807 067 D ― bumper C + 4 sensor mounts
8V4 807 067 E ― bumper C + 6 sensor mounts

I bought the D bumper with 4 mounts and had to cut 2 more by myself to retrofit PLA3. Bumper had a bonus: arch covers (8V0 853 827 A / 8V0 853 828 A) made to widen the car’s back axis if the rims with 8.5+ width are worn.

Front Bumper

My most painful purchase. Same story as the rear bumper – 3 variants of the park sensors, AND much more clips and mounts of the headlights and foglights. Nine part number variations in total:

ETKA diagrams add a lot of confusion because the S-bumper parts are pictured in the base A-bumper enclosure.

8V0 807 065 F – no sensors, no headlight washers, no foglight mounts (LED)
8V0 807 065 G – no sensors, with headlight washers + foglight mounts (Xenon, Halogen)
8V0 807 065 H – 2 sensor mounts, no headlight washers, no foglight mounts
8V0 807 065 J – 2 sensor mounts, with headlight washers + foglight mounts
8V0 807 065 K – 4 sensor mounts (PLA), no headlight washers, no foglight mounts
8V0 807 065 L – 4 sensor mounts (PLA), with headlight washers + foglight mounts

Bumpers designed for the Xenon or Halogen have headlight washers. Bumpers for the Full LED don’t need them, and the covers are glued. They don’t need foglights as well, because they’re built into the headlight itself (and called All-Weather lights).

The next three variants are the bumpers of the 🟥 S3 cars with the air scopes added behind the side grills – they guide airflow to the additional radiators:

8V0 807 065 M – no sensors
8V0 807 065 N – 2 sensor mounts
8V0 807 065 P – 4 sensor mounts

Audi S3 cars, no matter of installed headlights, do have washers, but cant have foglights, because there is no place for them at the sides.

My initial plan was to find the bumper with 4 sensor mounts (PLA) because it is hard to drill new holes accurately on the edge of the surface. This heavily limited my search, but in half a year, I managed to find the perfect (at first glance) lot – my native color and no damage at all. Problems started after the paint shop, at the first install:

#1. It appears there is a difference between the lower shields of A-bumper and S-bumper. It is visible only from the side, and they are identical from the top-down view. Front side has 1cm higher level and doesn’t dock to the bumper. “Sporty” shield part number is 8V3 807 233 A.

#2. I had a foglights installed from the factory and wanted to keep them in the new look as well. S-bumper headlights: 8V0 941 699 D and 8V0 941 700 D. The problem appeared at the first fit – there were no points to screw them at the sides. You should have special mounting brackets there, and my new bumper didn’t have them, because I bought S3 version! Moreover, you can buy single brackets separately for the А-bumper (8V3 807 261 / 8V3 807 262), but they are soldered / glued to the S-bumper and can’t be ordered. Panic! 🛑

Luckily, my friend let me rip them out of his bumper, as his car was upgraded to the LED headlights.

Brackets are labeled as <b title="8V3807261A">8V3 807 261 A</b> and <b title="8V3807262A">8V3 807 262 A</b>

#3. The issue I created myself. Initially, I decided to install a set of 🟥 S3 grills with chrome accents. Side grills could be: the fake ones / the real ones / with foglight placeholder / without it. Fake, solid grills simply clip in the placeholder and cover car internals. Real grills require two additional plastic masks to cover white column in the center and washer fluid tank. Their numbers are 8V3 807 151 A and 8V3 807 152.

Other plastic parts:

8V3 807 647 9B9 ― thin grille at bottom center
8V3 807 683 9B9 / 8V3 807 684 9B9 ― small stripes in the side air ducts
8V3 807 409 / 8V3 807 410 – wheel locker adapters

Front grill ― Chinese replica of the Audi S3 grill: the base is matte gray, and the stripes are double lined, covered in satin chrome. The main reason to buy it was the gap in the bottom stripe for the ACC radar.

The quality of the replica (for my picky taste) is a B- grade. The clone has several elements that differ from the original for no reason. I had to use a dozen screws for a snug fit of the license plate podium – unlike the original, it is not part of the base. Corners around the opening for the radar are a bit different too. And the attachment point of the S3 logo has been moved closer to the rings. My car is not a real S3 car, so I modified the mount and stuck a matte gray S-line badge (used in Q5 and Q7).

Side grills were two more replica items. I didn’t succeed in getting the original ones (8V3 807 681 Q BMO and 8V3 807 682 L BMO) by the moment all other parts were ready, so I quickly bought black clones and used a spray paint to cover the trims. UPDATE: Replaced to the genuine after the first year.

Side skirts

8V4 854 535 A / 8V4 854 536 A ― retaining brackets
8V4 853 859 GRU / 8V4 853 860 GRU ― primed side moldings

I planned to simply stick them with two-sided 3M tape, but the guys from the paint shop dissuaded me. Every retainer has 7 mounting points with a diameter of ~15mm. ETKA diagrams show two parts:

8V0 854 745 ― retainer sleeve
WHT 003 207 ― plastic nut

The car’s body must be drilled along the diameter of the sleeve, sleeves are driven in, and some (unknown) bolt used to tie the retainers. Paint shop master used a regular screws instead of the sleeves, so the holes are smaller.

After I took the car with the full package installed, I solemnly stuck S-line badges to the side panels:


Everything was very slow – a year in search of plastic, two months for painting and assembly. The front bumper had to be reassembled twice; I lived a month without lower shield. But the appearance of the car is pleasing to the eye. After two years of ownership I keep turning around in the parking lot, now even more 😍.

Stay tuned…

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