Audi Cool Bag

I have long been upset by the lack of an armrest in the back seat. I bought my car as a pre-configured pack by the dealership itself, so there was no choice. I saw this bag in the Audi Original Accessories catalog and recently found it in a local store.

The bag is made of fabric with hard embossed sides. The bottom is made of pimpled rubber – it doesn’t slip on the back seat. All fittings are of very high quality. The fabric of the belt is very smooth and identical to that used on the seat belts.

I used it with two cold accumulators (from my home fridge) during our latest vacation – they are enough to keep drinks cold for the whole day, and ice cream does not melt for 3 hours.

Audi produced several bags for the back seat:

80A 065 402 – my version with a thermal layer.
000 061 100 H – a regular one, but it has additional pockets.
000 061 104 A – small, flat bag. It is most similar to the authentic armrest.

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