Onboard CD Manual for MIB1 High

I keep adding bells and whistles to the car. MIB1 High unit has links to the onboard manual in the upper right corner of every screen, and I finally figured out how to get it. It comes on CD originally, but several ISO images float around the net also. You can copy the content to a flash drive or SD card to load it into MIB1 (High units only).

An electronic version of the manual completely mirrors two paper books coming with the car.

It even has its part number in the VAG world.
Access to the electronic manual is disabled while driving - keep reading paper books instead. ;)

The manual itself is, in fact, a set of simple HTML pages displayed by an old WebKit-based browser. I saw people editing the first page to add links to external sites, news, traffic info, weather, etc. It could be handy for those who have SIM-card slots and Internet access in MIB1 units. (Which is not my case.)

I’ve reuploaded ISO image to MEGA:

141.565.8V0.88 – 310 Мb

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